• Visible Human blends anatomy, mechanics and the human form to show how a character can be more than just the sum of their parts...
  • Visible Human © Finger Industries 2016
  • The brief was to create a humanoid character with visible anatomic mechanisms. Once the character was built, we renderd out an expressive pose to use in some lovely print material, which you can see above. 
    We've been spending some R&D time on custom rigging tools in 3DS Max, scripting and refining our rigs and Visible Human was a great opportunity to put our new custom rigs into practice. We hope you like the animation as much as the initial render. Thanks also to Ground Bird for the awesome sound design.
    Check out the final animation below...
  • Visible Human animation © Finger Industries 2016
  • You can take a look at our process from intial concept to the final character below...
  • Close up of internal mechanics. Concept sketch
  • VRay ZDepth
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