Heaven Cloth Baptist Church

  • The concept came to me when I was attending church one Sunday and saw the cross with cloth draped over it. I took that imagery and went immediately to the grid. The grid always helps in structure and symmetry.¬†Exploration revealed the solution for the brand. The simplified imagery allowed for the creation of the custom "H" as well as the optional inclusion of the Christian cross.
  • The blues were selected as the primary colors due to referring to the sky ("heaven"). The color blue represents calmness and responsibility. The light blue refers to peace while the darker blues represent the strength of faith that is desired.¬†Also, I had the idea that each ministry, depending on its audience, could have it own sub-brand within the church's overall branding. A few samples being the Youth Ministry (using the color yellow to represent the joy and energy of children) and the Health Ministry (using the color orange to represent the enthusiasm and stimulation of working out and getting moving).