Amass & G.

  • Amass & G.
    Furnishing Consulting

    Interior Design Firm based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México; They are the key that unlocks a network of talent in the design industry.

    The core value of their service is based on their relationships; They are committed to every party’s best interest in the project, from artisans and procurement agents to designers and investors. They envision Amass & G. as a platform for Mexican artisans, using design skills to position them in the international market, creating sustainable long term relationships between designers, procurement agents, artisans and developers.

    Saturna™ 2016

  • The identity of Amass & G is presented as an institutional composition, integrating brand name and 2 crossed keys, with a classic and elegant typography, connected with the style of an ancient illustration technique used for the design of the keys, which enclose in the inside of their heads a monogram; the initials of Mariana Valero, the founder. Thus providing contrast and a sense of affinity that every brand should have to position organically.

    The keys represent the opening of new horizons, new paths to trace and a powerful tool.

    They communicate a company with experience in furnishing consulting and world-class exclusive furniture commercialization. The keys also symbolize the power to "open" and “close", to keep locked and release, ushering in a new phase of life. 

    Current manufacturers of keys and locks often refer to the work done by artisans in the Middle ages as the “most beautiful” ever made; locks and keys were decorated with beautiful moldings and engravings, and mechansim accuracy close to perfection.

    Art Direction & Graphic Design by:
    - Moisés Guillén
    - Guillermo Castellanos
    - Liliana Barraza (Frica)

    Guadalajara / Mexico.
    Saturna™ 2016
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