Infinity (jewelry packaging concept)

  • Jewellery packaging
  • Packaging is a symbol and the lifestyle of the consumer. The object of my packing is represented by the image of the scaly shells. The package consists of 3 moving parts. Top cover packing, moving vertically opening and closing the inner content of the package. Inside is a ring which is also on a mobile base.
    The packaging was entirely made by hand. The creation process consisted of many complex preparatory stages. The packaging is unique in its shape and form. Besides, it is sufficiently pleasant to the touch and creates an atmosphere of cosines and intimacy in the moment of giving jewelry.
    Material: veneer (mixed breed). Wood was chosen in order to emphasize the exclusivity and elegance of the package. The image of the moving shells or repetitive shape around its axis speaks of the eternity of time, because everything goes in circles and returns to the starting point.