Green&Black's Cooking Chocolate Packaging

  • A simple re-design of packaging for Green and Black's Cooking Chocolate to make it stand out from snack chocolate and be designed with the modern kitchen lifestyle in mind.
    Most Cooking chocolate is packaged in a similar way to snack chocolate, but of course, the two are consumed in completely different ways.
    This is why the way chocolate is used in recipes was observed in home kitchens and a number of issues were tackled in the re-design, as well as keeping in-line with the current trend in the kitchen of subtle, efficient luxury.
  • Does quality really mean no simple materials?
    The simple materials used show that luxury doesn't have to come from the material you use. Thanks to this and the jewellery box like design, the packaging has a quality yet homely feel.
  • Fitting in
    At home in any kitchen, they can be stored at your convenience thanks to the sealed lid that'll keep the chocolate fresh without needing to be put in the fridge once opened.
    You get the same quality experience every time they are opened, not like existing packaging which has to be thrown once opened.
  • Process
    Seeing as the brief was only a few days long, physical sketch modelling was moved into as quickly as possible.
    This made it easier to assess ideas like assembly without any adhesive, air tight lids, quality of finish and the right sizes so that the new packaging could hold the same amount of chocolate but  be more convenient in proportions.
  • Mood
    Understated sophistication - Natural, elegant, efficient, effortless.