QUORUM — Human Resources Services

  • Our clients — production holdings, the super technological enterprises, industrial parks, territories of the advancing development, industry institutes, professional communities, teams of developers.
  • QUORUM — is the team of extra class experts who proved in practice the value of unique approach. And not only by commissioning "mega" factories with mobilized employees, but also productive harmonious activity at all phases of project development.
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  • In a brand sign the principle of an order which the one element finishes, but it yet wasn't join ideal geometrical structure consisting of similar elements. Quorum turns chaos into the ordered community which is effectively coping with the tasks.
  • Mobile office near the place of building of the enterprise.
  • The mobile office in an every spot on the globe, even where initially isn't present any objective opportunities for this purpose. The office near the place of building of the enterprise provides the high level of efficiency. In all that concerns mobilization of team, geography and complexity of projects, it is difficult to surpass us.
  • SHIFT online — the application for the organization and carrying out work practice and training.
    Efficiency of such approach is proved by successful projects of timely start of new productions in regions with difficult geography, underdeveloped social infrastructure and limited access to the qualified personnel resources.