The Utopia Initials

  • The Utopia Initials

    Published uniquely in Dutch Alphabets, a limited edition publication compiled by Mathieu Lommen (University of Amsterdam), Peter Verheul (Royal Academy of Art) and printed / published / sold by uitgeverij De Buitenkant, the Utopia Initials are a series of initials that has been inspired by historiated initials.

    Historiated initials were normally used in the beginning of a text to show various, usually religion related subjects, and inspired the reader to be a pious person.

    Whereas most historiated initials were used to proclaim the wonders of a stronger faith, the Utopia Initials strive for a better world with utopian ideals, such as an absence of borders, or a moneyless society. The pursuit of this ideal will be told each time an Utopia Initial is used.

    Printed in 3 PMS colors on heavy stock paper. compiled in a luxurious bound casette.