Sabadì – Le Caramelle

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    We added one more sweet piece to our collection of good things!
    After being big candies-eaters children, now it's time to do it again,
    being aware that nowadays these have something really very good inside indeed.
    Along the Sabadì project, as a brand we imagined, we’ve been playing from the very beginning with the representation of raw materials used in some products, and with their places of origin for others, later on.

    To give a face to a product was something left to do and that’s it, simply, Le Caramelle (The Candies).
    We imagined six little charming brats; their names rhyme with product’s line, their colors are those of raw materials
    used in their recipe. Beside paper based packages, we designed also luxurious retro-style cans containing assorted candies, where we see those characters playing with each other like their genuine flavors do when tasted.
  • Art Direction: Federico Galvani
    Design & Illustration: Anna Rodighiero
    Photos: Federico Padovani
    Take a look at: Sabadì