RITORNO | Candle holder

    Offiseria - 2013 > 2014
  • Objects are made of more than just matter: they also involve gesture. Thinking about an object means, therefore, to think about a tangible element, connected to a network of actions that make it alive. Ritorno, designed by Stefano Soave, is a metal candlestick formed by just two elements, a supporting disc and another for the handle. Its material extension has been reduced to a minimum, in order to allow the gestural plot to manifest in its clear simplicity.

    Rediscovering the millennial delicacy of an ancient ritual, Soave has chosen to exploit the gluing properties of the wax by letting the candle mold its shape, structure and position. Thereby, the time taken to wait for the candle to drip is not a spare time, but a gained one, caring for the fragility of the flame, whose brilliant flickering summons the deep meaning of our day and night.
    Stefano Caggiano
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