Interactive Earlier Mona Lisa Exhibition

    Leonardo da Vinci's 'Earlier Mona Lisa'
    Public art commission: We asked to create engaging experience for the first Earlier Mona Lisa exhibiton
    We created two concept :
    1- Digital Interactive Media Wall
    2- Mobile App for Social Media Sharing & Educate the visitors
    Medium: Digital Screen Media Wall
    Dimensions: 2m x 2m
    Custom Software
    2 Channel sound
  • Spot the difference:
    A early version (left) of the Mona Lisa has gone on display for the first time, two years after being unveiled by a team of historians who claimed it depicted the same Italian merchant's wife a decade before the version which hangs in the Louvre (right)

  • The ‘Earlier Mona Lisa’ and the Louvre ‘Mona Lisa’ situated side-by-side and to scale
    - Visitors able to move the slider with their hand movement to compare two paintings in real time
    - Visitors examine the paintings further
    - Sound : Visual experience also supported by sound experience where you can feel transformation of visual with beautiful classical music
    Notice the differences, but be sure to identify the striking similarities. Look carefully at the position of the hands, the fabric of the garment, the embroidery near the bust, and the age of the subject. The portraits are approximately eleven years apart, and interestingly, the woman in the Louvre ‘Mona Lisa’ appears to be about a decade older. Seize this unique opportunity to explore two of the finest masterpieces in art history!
  • In Real-Time Vistors moving from right to left to unveil the other painting

  • In Real-Time Vistors moving from left to right to unveil the other painting
  • Interactive Mobile App