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  • Rolls Royce  || Internal Communication

  • At Nucco Brain we believe your audience wants to be both informed and engaged.

    It is with this in mind that our team worked with Rolls-Royce Engineering to produce a video that aimed to inform employees about the company’s social media policy and to promote social media awareness in the workplace. 

    Aimed at employees across its international branches, the video delivered Rolls Royce’s view on the subject to 15 countries and was complemented with supporting images on the company's intranet and social media channels. 

  • Credits

    Client: Rolls - Royce
    Production House: The Edge Picture Company
    Animation Studio: Nucco Brain
    Director: Pedro Allevato
    Producer: Stefano Marrone
    Animator: Gabriela Araujo
    Layout/Storyboard: Thomas Gutteridge