Sánchez Casas

  • Knowledge and experience are the lynchpins of the continuing success of
    Sánchez Casas as a firm of independent financial advisors. Our challenge
    was to create a visual brand identity for an advisory service to help clients
    achieve maximum return on their assets.
    We defined the firm’s core brand values as follows:
    - Personalised advice
    - Independence
    - Investment risk reduction
    We chose to reflect these values in the brand’s universe by means of a symbol that would convey security, proximity, strength and growth. Thus, we decided to use the growth rings of a tree trunk as our main graphic element. We chose colours that would be easy on the eye but still in some way bring to mind the world of finance and economics. Then, for our secondary graphics, we developed a series of shapes and textures intended to evoke the economic press but not produce the sense of tedium it is typically associated with. The tree trunk growth rings, therefore, represent something that has been growing for hundreds of years, something that is strong but still feels organic, alive and accessible.