Makeree - A new way to learn creation

  • An award-winning iPad app course that turns users into makers - modern day creators, dealing with electronics, mechanics, electrical circuits and creative implementation of science.
  • Background story
    Makeree's mission is to take anyone step by step through the process of creating inspiring projects by enabling learning through doing, acquiring knowledge & skills and earning points as you advance. 
    The app's creative community provides a supportive environment, supplying everything you will need to follow the educational path and advance into becoming a maker.
  • The solution
    The simple and joyable UI, encourages its users to progress and earn new skills as a maker. 
    We helped Makeree to introduce the world of making with a level-based progress map of projects. 
    Each project is a step in the journey, completing a project and sharing a picture of your success will initiate feedback from peers and experts.
  • Planning the experience
    As part of Free Time Academy team, the company behind Makeree, we defined the various users types and their motivations as well as their usage journey map. Through out this research, we came into conclusion that one of the product's challenges is to assist the users to break the interactive - physical barrier. We crafted an interactive progress map and other gamification techniques in order to help the product encourage its users to proceed and push their skills forward.