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    My final diploma project was about Yelahanka, suburb of Bangalore, India, were I realize my master program. I worked on the History of the place, (Yelahanka, birth place of Bangalore), and on the stories of the inhabitants.
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    Karaga festival is one of the oldest festival of Karnataka (Indian state). I work on improving it. 
    The idea was to make people aware about History, to make them preserve it, and also to make people aware about stories, to make them share with inhabitants. The actual participant of this festival are the inhabitant of yelahanka old town and the surrounding villages. I wanted to make people of Yelahanka Satellite and New Town coming to this festival and the inhabitants of Bangalore.

    For this I created some poster for before the festival and website to know more about Yelahanka. Just before the festival their will be an installation to make people share their stories together. During the festival in the different temples their is some postcard that the participants can keep with them after the festival were there is some keys informations about the temples. After the festival people can go online in the Yelahanka website and the two facebook pages (Stories of people and Yelahanka actuality).
  • Karaga Visual Identity
  • Yelahanka Visual Identity
  • Poster in Kanada and English
  • Facebook pages
  • Yelahanka Website
  • Thesis book