Star Wars Vino Party

  • Event decor and design for my 30th Birthday Star Wars Wine Party. I wanted to combine two of my loves: Star Wars and Italy. I designed posters and labels for the two types of Italian wines the party featured as well as themed all of the appetizers and main dishes. We are Tie Fighter caprese, Millennium Falcon cheese and crackers, Death Star-getti, Lightsaber mac and cheese, and Carbonite Jell-O. We had our signature adult drink with a dark, Sith twist to it. 
  • We did an online invitation with Paperless Post. 
  • Table decor was endor terrariums built with my childhood action figures. We had three: Han Solo and Chewbacca, C3-Po and R2D2, and Master Yoda. I dressed wine bottles in the light and dark side: Obi-Wine Kenobi and Darth Vino. We also made hanging tie fighters from black balloons, pipe cleaners, and cardstock. 
  • I ran out of time and downloaded a template to wrap plasticware as lightsabers from
  • These cupcakes and cookies were hand decorated by my sister. The cookie cutters and cupcake decor were from Williams-Sonoma. 
  • Our attempt at Tie Fighter Caprese on a stick. 
  • Costumes were recommended, but not required.