Gallatea, Panopea and Menippe

  • PostLiving have collaborated with bignige of Blind Mice Design to produce a strictly limited edition run of 25 tables - Gallatea, Panopea and Menippe.

    PostLiving is a UK based company set up around a passion for urban art and simple modern and affordable pieces of furniture and homewares. The founders of PostLiving have backgrounds in graphic, interior and product design. The end game is to work alongside artists creating an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration.

    For further information and to see PostLiving table ranges from J3 Concepts, Mr Flurry and Mysterious Al go to

  • Gallatea
  • Panopea
  • Menippe
  • Table Range
  • Gallatea, Panopea and Menippe
    This is a collection of 3 contemporary images based around illustrations of water nymphs. Water nymphs are mythological creatures said to preside over and protect rivers, lakes, streams and seas. Mysterious and beautiful, each nymph peeks seductively from the water and is surrounded by symbols and designs that represent my style of art. Each piece is a mix of strong, bold imagery and playful elements. They all incorporate my love of symmetry and curves and the style contrasts monochrome with splashes of vivid colour.
  • Drinks Coasters
  • A set of specially designed drinks coasters to go with this limited edition range
  • Pre Production, Printing and Laminating