The Hague - based agency Vruchtvlees asked me to create a couple of
    animated loops for their client Letterkundig Museum Den Haag (Literaturmuseum The Hague).
    These loops are representing 6 differents decades in the life of famous dutch writer Remco Campert. 
    From his days of growing up in The Hague in the 1930s until this day being a writer mainly for theater productions and the dutch national newspaper "Volkskrant".
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  • 30´s
    Campert grows up in the Hague and writes his first poems by the age of 14.
    He and his mother have a strong bond.
    Campert is broke and is living in Paris with other dutch writers.
    He is inspired by the Paris´ Jazz music scene and the cobra art movement. 
    Campert releases his most famous book then called 'het leven is vurukkuluk'.
    He gets married and has his first child. To take care of his family he has some of 
    his most productive years.
  • ´

    A very dark period in Campert´s life. He´s having a writer´s block and
    spends most of his time drinking or laying in bed.
  • 80´s
    Campert raises again. He has success with his publications and 
    cements his status as one of Netherlands most prolific writers.
  • 90´s
    Campert mostly works in theater and is a frequent writer for the
    dutch national newspaper "Volkskrant".
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