MMA posters

  • MMA posters
    serie of 3 posters with custom lettering
  • I tried to look at graphic design that surrounds Mixed Martial Arts competitions and add a new perspective to it by creating design that relates to the fighting itself as opposed to the current design that is heavily marked by brands.
    I like watching fight sports. But I never really cared much about graphic design surroundings this area. It's better to say I ignored it.
    Everything I incorporated into these posters has a meaning and everything relates to fighting. Lettering is based on the shape of the arena in which the fights take place. 3 posters desrcibe 3 postures in fights - stand-up, clinch and ground fighting. In every poster there are two types of main use of techniques - for example in stand up fighting it's kicking and punching... Finally parts of fighters were precisely cut but in a manner that looks raw thus describing certain brutality of the fights.