• I actually don't know why I am publishing this kind of stuff but I just wanted to collect a series of things and projects made with sence or not (who cares?). Don't worry and don't make yourself questions, I'll try to explain everything before of the absolute panic. This is a variuous collection of images I realized during 2015.
  • Maybe this is a story or maybe not. I made this to celebrate the first snow of the year and I was so excited about that.
  • I love winter because you have lot of things to celebrate :)
    Suddenly Carnival arrived and for me was the right occasion to mask my perfect hangover :O
  • And when there is nothing to celebrate, I try to find as well something for having fun :) 
    This was just a test to try my new set of light. Nah, The worm was not expected.
  • April! that means sister's birthday :)
  • When I sculpted the numbers in the image above was the firs approach with lettering.
    I immediately liked a lot make some text with plasticine and I found it explosive. Literaly.
  • And this occasion was perfect to finally have a revenge about my surname! Hurray :)
  • I explain you better: It is only right that we clarify the matter because when I was a kid, everybody messed up with my surname: Colferari, Colferri and many others.
  • To any post and bank employee: Damn man! Colferai! Just Colferai!
  • I say ok, is not so important maybe but I think is really usefull to know the correct artist name or surname because if you like his stuff you can easily find him on various social networks, am I wrong?
  • Monday and the need to change the gear even if seems impossible sometimes.
  • But finally, the day starts and together with the morning I finally find the way to make my hand dirty with something.
    Here warming up a piece of plasticine..
  • Having a dose of plasticine in your hand sometime let yourself run away from amoment of absolute fear/anxiety and then chill out. Here while I am preparing in my hotel room before an important talk and lying to my self saying: Stefano you are not scared.
  • Till now I liked a lot to play with plasticine and I loved to.
    But at the end the important thing is to make business and get some commissions. 
    This is a postcard made for the American marriage of Giuly and Sam :)
  • Here the image I realized for the web campaing of Converse 'Surprise and delight'.
  • Celebration of my first collaboration with the UK Agency We Are Goodness!
  • Illustration made for 50x50x50 a collective exhibition during the OUTDOOR festival in Rome that took place in October.
  • Illustration for 33T, a collective exhibition by TAPIRULAN association in Cremona to celebrate Ugo Tognazzi after 25 years after his death.
  • A couple of illustration made for Eatmealive.it, a food blog specialized in healthy food and innovative recipes.
    Here spaghetti with soy, carrots and courgette.
  • Crepes with tomatoes, mozzarella and aubergine.
  • This is not a recipe but a way to peel a pumpkin before Halloween
  • Illustration for Join the dots project.
  • Illustration for Picame which reached 50.000 followers on Instagram 
  • Illustration for Babbel Magazine article "the 5 worst things about being bilingual"
  • Illustration for "The monster project
  • Illustration to thank you to have seen my project ;)
  • Ciao!