EDECAN is a family business oriented to develop agricultural equipment, specialized on Silo´s production, which have been his strongest product into the market for more than 40 years.
    They were not feeling identified with the brand, it was not reflecting the evolution of the company along the years. Quality, treatment and materials used in their products have been a strength recognized for their clients and a difference from their competitors, but in the same way, they believed it was not known enough for new buyers.
    EDECAN had grown from that workshop in the beginnings; it needed to reflect the value of family with the incorporation of a new generation, at the same time that becomes more modern, fresh and strengthen his identity.
    Rebranding development, the new brand works under two strong concepts, Family (a company created and managed for the family) and Silos, as the principal and strongest product which EDECAN has gained more identification in his market.
    In the same way, the new identity presented is modern and clean, where the idea is also to incorporate the materials used for the production and the quality of them as part of the identity, which have a high difference over their competition.
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