Louis Pouzin Lovie Awards Lifetime Achievement Tribute

  • The Lovie Awards is privileged to honour Louis Pouzin with a Lifetime Achievement Award in celebration and recognition of his groundbreaking work in creating the computer network known as CYCLADES, which greatly influenced the future development of TCP/IP protocol. With the simplicity that CYCLADES brought so early on to packet transfer and receipt, Pouzin thus defined one of the key cornerstones of the Internet’s design, and it is one that still holds today. CYCLADES is one of the greatest technical influences on the Internet, borne from Puzin’s core belief that the Internet should not become fossilised, but should continue to evolve and grow. He demonstrates a lifelong vision of openness and technical elegance that still powers the Internet as we know it today.
    Yulia Ruditskaya
    Illustration by:
    Ana Seixas
    Ana Types Type