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    Known for its democratic and inclusive character, ABRADi - Brazilian Association of Digital agents working for a more open and free society, which uses the Internet to learn, study, do business and exert their citizenship rights. This transformation occurs much because of all the companies that have the digital solutions as a priority focus. The organization brings together around 600 companies, present in 14 states.

  • A visual identity is able to make one company stand out among the others. In addition to transmitting a concept, it has the power to grant credibility and attracts consumers, being a key element of emotional link. Therefore, it must be at the same time creative, meaningful, the same has to beautiful, expressive.

    Elements typically found as the logo - a visual symbol that complements the color codes, typography, graphics and the other components, reinforce the concept being communicated. Such visual items should talk naturally and creatively with the slogan 
    or tag lines.

    So it is essential that the visual identity of a brand is at the same time creative, meaningful, transmit beauty and expressiveness.