Central Kladno | Web design

    Web design for Central Kladno
    (Czech Republic) 
  • challenge
    Central Kladno came with a certain cold color combination, that was quite a challenge to work with. We needed to make this website nice looking, modern and most importantly user friendly. 
    I wanted to avoid the look any other website present on the Czech market so we have decided to make it look as a blog,
    where you come to quickly gather all the information neccessary. 
    Using gif images and flying animations, we made this website modern looking and by that we have distinguished it from all the benchmark. Big headlines for actions and news made it easier for mass-users to navigate through the website. Although they have insisted on having the same
    navigator as other shopping malls did, we strongly decided we are going to make a better, simplified and more useful interactive map of this mall. 
  • Visit www.centralkladno.cz for live preview 
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