LOGO DESIGN projects 2015

  • This is a selection of some of my logo and identity design work created in 2015:
    logo design projects, icons, marks and symbols, monograms, letter marks and a few stationery design examples. 

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  • Geometric A logo design symbol explorations: some of the variations that I have created exploring for a geometric A letter mark logo design symbol.
  • Geometric logo design proposal for Adtract, "a company that is specialized in building
    transformative, interactive experiences to fulfill advertising and presentation needs like no other in the market."
  • A visual exploration created for a logo design symbol, a letter mark - a colorful blend showing the letter A.
  • Experimental logo design symbol creation showing letter A and a star.
  • A letter mark based on the letter A and interactive colorful connections, paths, lines and dots.
  • Logo design symbol for a digital project focused on tasks management: letter A and a check mark.
  • Porposal for Appelmust, an apple juice. The logo design shows an A M monogram and also the top part of a fruit / apple.
  • Logo design symbol proposal created for a mobile apps developer focused on an A letter mark.
  • Exploration for the logo design symbol of a bakery which name happens to start with a B.
    Starting from wheat / cereals and having a small hidden something in it (letter n which is the first letter of the second work of the bakery name).
  • Logo design proposal for live streaming portable camera and dedicated app. A friendly beast with camera lenses for eyes.
    The red " fly" - the red dot near the moster stands for live / recording / streaming.
  • C is for cubes: monogram based on the C letter and cubes for an interior design company which works with modular furniture elements.
  • A C letter mark with a carbon profile / texture and a customized type - logo design for Carbone, a new carbon based sports products line.
  • CloneFind, social app logo design: proposal for a social network / social app.
  • Logo design proposal for a new rave / electronic dance music inspired clothing / fashion / apparel brand Crave To Rave.
  • Logo design proposal for an interior design company. 
    The symbol shows 2 interacting cubes, the type is custom made.
  • Experimental particles / dynamic particles D monogram / letter mark / logo design symbol.
  • A digital E letter mark for a multimedia project logo design. Half of the mark, the arrow / pointer triangle has a special relevance to the project theme.
  • EOD (Entertainment on Demand) identity design: logo design, stationery design - double sided business cards, double sided A4 letterhead, DL envelope, pens.
  • E for events logo design symbol
  • Logo design / redesign proposal for Eventtia, a platform that offers creative technology for events.
  • Another visual approach for for Eventtia, a platform that offers creative technology for events - rotated edited E letter forming a heart as symbol.
  • 2 f letters arranged in an ambigram monogram forming an S in the negative space in the middle.
  • As above, 2 f letters arranged in an ambigram monogram forming an S in the negative space in the middle.
    Logo design for Friend Chain, a visual related social app. The symbol / icon shows: chain in the middle / mobile phone shape in the negative space / 
    connections and interactions between chain links / geeky character / assistant wearing glasses as a reference to visual content
  • G monogram / logo design symbol focusing on paths / depth / interactivity / evolution / gravity / gravitation.
  • G for Gladiator: logo design symbol icon showing a G cut monogram forming in the negative space a roman / gladiator helmet.
  • G monogram / logo design symbol focusing on paths / depth / interactivity / evolution / gravity / gravitation.
  • Because I am a big fan of Gothic architecture I have decided to try an experiment, to create a typography / word mark / logotype constructing
    the letters based or including the 3 main features of the Gothic architecture: pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaulting.
  • G is for Google: an unofficial revision of the Google redesigned G letter mark icon
  • G for Gravity, monogram / logo design symbol
  • Interactive logo design symbol: logo mark designed for a dynamic / interactive project.
  • Mmmmm lovely, M letter mark logo design symbol: big-hearted M logo design symbol / letter mark. :)
  • Logo design symbol / icon showing a jumping rabbit and letter O, created for a text editor / notes application.
  • Logo design symbol proposal for MakeAble: a check mark to show that is doable,
    the obvious M letter which is constructed based on the A letter shape (the client likes the Make + Able name combo).
  • A logo design symbol exploration for an interior design / modular furniture producer.
    Monogram based on the letters M (in orange) and L (in blue) that form a geometric heart.
  • Logo design proposal created for Mysterious Universe podcast covering the strange, extraordinary, weird, wonderful and everything in between.
    The loop design is based on the solar analemma.
  • Momentum: dynamic logo design created for a platform dedicated to developing mobile and apps interfaces.
    Logo design for Ontos Healthcare, a "technology (software) product platform, consulting service for healthcare industry.
    Our focus both products, services/ consulting is only dedicated to “medical devices” in healthcare industry."
  • Logo design and and stationery design (double sided A4 letterhead, DL envelope, double sided business cards, pens & pencils) for Propellio Limited,
    a company active in: energy consulting services, empowerment and educational services, edible and consumable production businesses, real estate.
  • An idea / construction exploration for a logo design proposal created for RoLUG, the official Romanian LEGO Users Group community. 
    The chosen illustrated minifigures head show a child in the middle (for the children within us and the target group of the brand)
    and on sides in the background a man and woman (parents and / or adult members / fans).
  • Abstract monogram, logo design symbol including the letters
    R (both lowercase - in blue, and uppercase - the whole symbol) and I (orange side)arranged into a geometric rocket shape.
  • S letter mark / logo design symbol based on dots, paths and connections.
  • An experimental monogram focused on a dynamic spinning S letter, a circle, a Yin Yang connection in negative space.
  • Logo design symbol / icon created for a video social app showing a hand holding a mobile phone and also a (hidden in plain sight) S letter. //
    Logo design proposal for Selfie, a social network / social app based on interactive visual content. 
    The symbol is constructed based on the 4 sides of a circle / the main magic button of the app.
  • Logo design & stationery design proposal (double sides business cards, double sided A4 letterhead, DL envelope, pencils, pens),
    identity design for Startup Ventures, a company that is searching for young internet start-ups to invest in.
    Available for customization and sale, contact me for details.
  • Logo design for in-game digital advertising agency called Stride. It shows an S going into perspective while also covering the stride / leap part.
  • An abstract representation of a system connections and interactions inspired by synapses / dandelion flower - logo design proposal for Synaps.io,
    a project that under the slogan "Connecting all the Web" focuses on online communication and integration: Web software, SaaS, API integration, iPaaS.
  • Triple S monogram (2 big ones and the middle created one), an experimental logo design concept.
  • Travolutionary, logo design for travel agency.
  • Logo design for an independent freelance travel agent project: T, traveling, dots, paths
  • Double VM monogram with letters both in positive and negative space - experimental logo design project for viaMail / via Mail.
  • Chat bubbles + bookmark symbol + W monogram, logo design for an user-friendly service focused on communication, social interactions, networking and marketing.
  • An unused logo design symbol mark mark showing 2 objects forming a Z letter mark in the negative space between them.
  • Logo design for ZynRg, a CRM (customer relationship management) service provider.
  • Z letter mark, EDM / clubbing events logo design
  • 1Origin logo and identity design: logo design, stationery design - double sided business cards, double sided A4 letterhead, DL envelope, pens and pencils. The logo design mark shows the numbers 1 and 0, but also the number 1 and the letter O. The number one is replicated in the negative space of the letter / number O / 0.
  • Logo design focused on an artificial intelligence AI IT assistant character.
  • Logo design symbol / icon / mark showing a friendly all-knowing guru assistant.
  • Triforce triangle variations logo design symbol
  • Eye Candy logo design symbol: it shows an eye and 2 halves of it on sides forming a candy shape.
  • 6 variations for the beast / monster character / logo design symbol
  • Proposal for the logo design symbol / icon for a digital gaming related project. It was about a social community based on member interactions therefore I thought about ants as a symbol for this project and tried a few constructions working on digital / pixel based design approach.
  • Eagle head in negative space, logo design symbol
  • Black bird / phoenix logo design symbol created for a ceramics importer / distributor (high end plates, glasses, dishes).
  • Experimental logo mark / icon / symbol build with pixels showing in the same time a giraffe and a heart.
  • A lion on a shield, a serious face lion wearing sunglasses, created for the logo design symbol of a security group.
  • Colorful star, people in negative space, logo design symbol created for a community related project gathering together people with different job directions.
  • A logo design proposal focused on a boy and a girl interacting silhouettes created for a children genetics research program.
  • A logo design symbol / icon / mark based on a pin pointer shape combined with a human person silhouette.
    For the human body shape I have used the colors green and blue representing the earth as a second visual meaning of the mark.
  • Experimenting with tennis ball and map pin point / location marker for a logo design symbol / icon.
    Could be used for a tennis field locating map, or anything combining the 2 tennis and maps.
  • My personal logo design symbol animated for the preloader of my new 2015 portfolio website.
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