GUSTO ROBUSTO - sixth series

  • Sixth Series
    We're glad to show you the sixth series of Gusto Robusto's art prints. For this edition, Gusto Robusto selected four talented illustrators such as Roberto Blefari aka Hikimi, Cranio Dsgn, Alessandro Gottardo aka Shout and Andrew Cope aka Tokyoplastic.
    New Pantone color palette, new artworks!
  • Description of the illustrations
    Limited edition series (100 copies total)

    Swimming thoughts
    made by Roberto Blefari aka Hikimi
    48x68cm or 18"x28"
    Limited Edition of 100 prints
    Thoughts could swim in the air and become big free whales. They melt with memories and the smoke of a cigarette. Than they dive in a book that someone forgot to close. So they inspire new stories. Just close your eyes
  • Speedpaint video
    Video editing by Matteo Reato.
  • Alien
    made by Cranio Dsgn
    48x68cm or 18"x28"
    Limited Edition of 100 prints
    I chose to do an Alien because as I always work from photos, it did not seem appropriate "redraw" a cartoon, and I decided to make a science fiction character who also appeared in comics, so I chose Alien because it allows me to apply my style illustration on a real photo, and because I wanted to make sure if a sinister character who always appears with dark colors, still generating the same fear and tension with more vivid colors.
  • Walk
    made by Alessandro Gottardo aka Shout
    48x68cm or 18"x28"
    Limited Edition of 100 prints
    The illustration made for Gusto Robusto is a melt of three suggestions.
    The first one is a reminescence of David Hockney’s swimming pool in Los Angeles; the second one is a Marcello Mastroianni playing La Dolce Vita; the last one comes from “A single man” romance by Isherwood in the film adaptation by Tom Ford.
    By these inspirations the illustration talks about a man walking close to a swimming pool in a possible summer day but his is wearing autumn clothes. 
  • Fractured
    made by Andrew Cope aka Tokyoplastic
    48x68cm or 18"x28"
    Limited Edition of 100 prints
    An illustration of Tokyoplastic that represents a skull "fractured" and exploded by a colorful madness so much strong to seems tridimensional.
  • Speedpaint video
    Video editing by Matteo Reato.
  • "Crystalline" is Gloria Pizzilli's special illustration realized for Masiero, sponsor of the exhibition "Gusto Robusto. Vectorial art prints" at TCBF15.
  • Speedpaint video
    Video editing by Matteo Reato.
  • Print Process
    Here you can see some photos during the printing process.
    Colors have been checked and selected to express every illustration at the best. 
  • Exhibition
    The sixth series has been exposed at the exhibition "Gusto Robusto - Vectorial art prints" in Treviso - Italy.
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