Don't Forget About the Music - branding

  • Overview

    Don't Forget About the Music is a call to action, a mission, and a resource designed to help artists, producers, songwriters, and music business entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their success in the music space.
    The goal of this platform is to create a community that enhances the music industry through education and empowerment. It's a platform that understands the creative soul and its desire to grow, often alongside the challenges of getting organized and creating a plan.
    Don't Forget About the Music will kick off with a workbook and a website with live components, including videos, exercises, and discussion questions. There will also be a merchandising component to this initiative, starting with a t-shirt.
    Target Audience
    College students in music business programs, law students interested in music and music law. Artists, songwriters, music producers, music managers, indie label owners, music business entrepreneurs who are aspiring or experiencing a hard time growing their careers.
    Inspirational, musical, powerful, bold, entertaining, edgy, exciting.
    Concept Rationale
    Passion and solidarity drive this creative direction. The branding is colorful, bold, and fun, yet makes a powerful statement about never losing sight of the creative soul which fuels music. It speaks to individual empowerment and unity alike. It is a reminder that you are not alone.
    The logo visually depicts a burning candle and a flame that doubles as a musical eighth note. Candles signify life, love, celebration, passion, illumination, safety, the inner spirit, and solidarity. Thus, the logo is a metaphor for the vitality of imagination and creativity; of keeping the spirit of music alive in one's heart.
  • Inspiration
  • Logo development process
  • Music: “Time is the Enemy” by Quantic
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