Liv & Gigi - Tween-aged entertainment duo branding

  • Overview

    Dallas-based sisters Liv and Gigi are rising entertainment superstars who currently perform as a duo. They're actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and voice-over artists with L.A. and Dallas agent representation.
    They maintain their own individual Twitter pages, each with over ten thousand followers, and have a shared YouTube account where they host voice-over and musical content.
    And they're only 10- and 9-years old, respectively.
    They are looking to expand the scope of their brand awareness across all social media platforms by increasing subscribers, views, retweets, favorites, and likes, and wish to attract more attention from film and music industry management. They hope to launch a content-rich website in the near future.
    The entertainment Liv and Gigi provide is fun, safe, and stylish. It's for kids, by kids.
    Target Audience
    Primary audience: Tweens and kids, ages 7–14, boys and girls, all ethnicities. Secondary audience: Casting directors and booking agents.
    Edgy, feminine, and hip, but not too gender-polarizing. Vibrant, youthful, and fun, but not overly juvenile.
    Concept Rationale
    The concepts of duality and fusion drive this creative direction. Liv and Gigi are sisters close in age and perform as a duo, and thus, the logo and branding elements depict a symbiotic relationship; a closely-linked, mutually beneficial existence. At its core, the logo visually represents this union, not only with interconnected letterforms that fit snugly together, but also with the subtle suggestion of an italic-style ampersand that also doubles as a monogram.
    But while focusing on co-branding is a crucial foundation of this brand, it is also important to highlight each girls' own unique personalities. Liv loves the color Tiffany blue; Gigi loves hot pink. Liv likes Starburst; Gigi prefers Skittles. These individual characteristics are showcased through the use of particular graphic elements, colors, and breakout logos associated with each girl that perform dutifully on their own, while still maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the core brand.
  • Inspiration
  • Logo development process
  • Music: “You Won't Change” by Manuel Tur and Roman Salzger
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  • Logo system
  • Primary logo.
  • Secondary monogram.
  • Secondary Liv-specific breakout mark.
  • Secondary Gigi-specific breakout mark.
  • Logo color and black & white variations.
  • Logo color variations detail.
  • Logo black & white variations detail.
  • Patterns
  • Co-branded pattern detail.
  • Liv-specific pattern detail.
  • Gigi-specific pattern detail.
  • Stationery
  • Stationery suite with Liv-specific business card.
  • Liv-specific business card.
  • Stationery suite detail.
  • Stationery suite with Gigi-specific business card.
  • Stationery suite contact information and graphic elements detail.
  • Gigi-specific business card.
  • Stationery suite detail.
  • Letterhead detail.
  • Stationery suite.
  • Stationery suite detail.
  • Stylus pen.
  • Social media
  • Shared YouTube channel detail.
  • Shared YouTube channel.
  • Liv-specific Twitter feed detail.
  • Liv-specific Twitter feed.
  • Gigi-specific Twitter feed detail.
  • Gigi-specific Twitter feed.
  • Merchandise
  • Primary logo sticker.
  • Graphic elements stickers.
  • Secondary monogram sticker.
  • Makeup pouch.
  • Co-branded hoodie.
  • Liv-specific hoodie.
  • Gigi-specific hoodie.
  • Skateboard.
  • Liv-specific hi-top Chucks, side view.
  • Liv-specific hi-top Chucks, front and back views.
  • Gigi-specific low-top Chucks, side view.
  • Gigi-specific low-top Chucks, front and back views.
  • Thank you!
  • Secondary monogram, debossed printing example.