Lacrosse training facility branding proposal

  • Overview
    Be a savage in practice so that games are easy.
    The motivational rallying cry of Darren Murray, head coach and owner of East Side Lacrosse, a new training facility for boys and young men located on the east side of Montgomery County, Maryland.
    Darren's coaching style is unconventional, fast-paced, and competitive, and his unique drills set the bar very high for training facilities. He wishes to position East Side Lacrosse as the go-to facility for intense, paradigm-shifting training and education.
    A passionate and experienced player himself, Coach Murray firmly believes that lacrosse should be accessible to people from all backgrounds and cultures. While he hopes to imbue a sense of pride and honor in players from East Side who train with him, he also wants to extend this inclusive spirit and sense of belonging to anyone, anywhere, wishing to perfect their game.
    Target Audience
    Boys and young men, age 12-20.
    Bold, confident, masculine, energetic, inspirational.
    Concept Rationale
    Directional. Moving forward. Looking ahead. A compass provides reassuring guidance and steadfast reliability.
    While the mascot's needle pointing due East directly references the facility's geographical location, the compass itself is a metaphor for progression; advancement. It symbolizes enlightenment or finding one's way.
    One goal of team-based sports is to tap into the inner strength and ability of the individual for the betterment of the team — and, in turn, validating each player's worth.
    As the compass guides the traveler to destiny, so too, will East Side Lacrosse guide players to victory.
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  • Silk-screened athletic apparel
  • Branded helmet
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  • Rubber monogram appliqué for athletic apparel
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  • Hoodie variant with silk-screened mascot
  • Hoodie variant with silk-screened sleeve monogram
  • Hoodie variant with silk-screened primary logo
  • Hoodie variant with embroidered patch sleeve monogram
  • Silk-screened athletic apparel
  • Player ball cap front with embroidered mascot and monogram patches
  • Player ball cap back with silk-screened wordmark and sewn garment tag
  • Silk-screened athletic apparel
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  • Coach's polo shirt with with embroidered patches, silk-screened sleeve and inner collar, and sewn garment tag
  • Coach's polo shirt detail, front
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  • Coach's ball cap front with embroidered wordmark and monogram patches
  • Coach's ball cap back with embroidered patch and sewn garment tag
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