Personal Rebranding

  • Previous logotype
  • I felt the need to rebrand my own identity as I became more concentrated on Branding design, and I wanted to give a bolder more consisted image of my self when I hand someone my business card for example. Adding to that, is the fact that I as a person grew up and became more familiar with my own personality which presented a real issue for me previously as I am a moody person.
    The logotype is in Latin glyph, derived from Campton font by Rene Bieder. But with the alteration of the letter M's shape to match that of an A, repetition gave a sense of an oriental mentality as repetition is a vital element in the Arabic and Middle Eastern culture, art and architecture.
    Being a moody person, I had to do something more flexible to reflect as many aspects of my personality and approach into my graphical identity. Specially that I'm fascinated by the flexible "Liquid" approach in identity design and the possibilities it gives to bring a brand to life. So I noticed that the spelling of my name could help me a lot with forming a graphical unit having three "M"s and three "A"s in it. So I came with a graphical repetition out of these letters, and once they were separated from the name and looked at from an abstracted graphical point of view, readability wasn't important anymore. So I took full freedom to stretch the identity to the extent where I feel that it now represents me, with the ability of going even wilder later on if my character continues to change and adapt.
    So this was it, a bold logotype being accompanied by "living mark" possibilities which present an identity that evolves and grows with me and reflects my personality as time goes on.
  • My approach in this project is based on the flexibility in form, by having many interpretations of a TWO and ONE as the letter M has two tips or two spikes while the A has only one. These shapes are always put in a sequence of (
    And to keep the identity from being stretched too far, these shapes are usually accompanied by the basic logotype, and are never filled with color, pattern, image of texture. Not in the moment at least.