Selfie with my Buddies

  • It's been a while since I created a doodle composite, I like how my characters and colours sit within photographs so I thought I'd put a little practice in. 
  • Me and my buddies, they've always got my back.
  • How did I make this image? Here's a step by step...
  • Strike a pose: I needed a plain background for this and enough space around me to work out how many characters I'd like in the picture.
  • Doodle in your friends: I printed the photograph out and used a light box to overlay a blank sheet of paper with the photograph underneath it. That way I was able to reference where the pose was and then just doodle around it on the top sheet.
  • Photoshop trickery: After scanning the doodle and digitizing it, I open up Photoshop, copy in the doodle as a separate layer that sits on top of the photograph. To create a visual transition I added in some smoke and mist, to complement the doodled clouds and mist. I could have left these out and made the image look like it was a pop out book but I decided for a weird sense of surrealism.
  • The fun part: Colouring in behind the top doodle layer is the most fun and easiest part.
  • Et voila!