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    How do we visualize the elegance and explosiveness of sound while demonstrating an exceptional line of audio products? We created a bold and iconic brand experience that is both explorative and informative.
    World of McIntosh (WOM) is a family of the finest audio brands collaborating to bring you an unprecedented sensory experience. With a history of exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to the art of sound, WOM embraces the heritage of its brands to reach a new peak in luxury sound systems.
    To highlight the power and quality of each brand in the WOM family, we created a website in which visitors navigate through a universe of visuals and animations that abstractly illustrate sound waves. Upon entering the site, visitors move through space to fly into or past a series of explosions. Each unique explosion acts as an entry point into the World of McIntosh. When an object is struck with sounds that are potent and powerful, there’s no denying the impact. The stronger the sound, the bigger the impact —explosive, dynamic.
    To achieve this experience our developers and motion designers worked closely to develop a JavaScript 3D engine that leveraged CSS3 3D transforms to mimic a scene designed in After Effects. Due to the amount of iterations to perfect the animation, we developed a custom import utility that made the transformation from After Effects to the browser fast and painless.
    Great attention was paid to crafting a responsive experience with optimized content for a multitude of devices. In addition we built a custom CMS to ensure that content can be managed regularly with ease.

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    World of McIntosh brand experience

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    Creative strategy, art direction, responsive website design, animation, iconography, mobile experience. Front-end development: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Backbone, Browserify. Back-end development: Ruby on Rails.

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