"Crystalline" by Gloria Pizzilli

  • Masiero is the main sponsor of the exhibition "Gusto Robusto. Vectorial art prints" during TCBF2015 curated by David Sossella. Because of this partnership, Gloria Pizzilli draw "Crystalline", a special limited edition thinking to its values as light and suspending in time. 
    The company will use this artwork for its marketing.
  • "Crystalline" by Gloria Pizzilli. September 2015.
    It has been draw in the same mood of her previous Gusto Robusto's artwork.
  • Speedpaint video of Gloria Pizzilli producing her artwork. Video editing by Matteo Reato
  • Here the artwork exposed at Gusto Robusto's exhibition between the unpublished series using the same color palette. Chosen by Sara Penco.
  • In front of the backdrop during the Opening Night: Gloria Pizzilli with Enrico Masiero.
  • An installation, made with the same colors used by Gloria Pizzilli, is a welcome to the visitors. It's also a demostratio of Masiero's service customization. The light path will go head with drylight in the patio and inside the exhibition with Eva.  
  • "Seta" by Gloria Pizzilli. Gusto Robusto second Series May 2014. 
    It won Excellence Prize of Communication Arts in 2015.
  • Gloria Pizzilli at Masiero's showroom is presenting for the first time her tribute to the company.
  • Until April 22th 2016 you'll have the chance to get a limited edition of this printed artwork by making an offer at Charity Stars. You'll help Peter Pan Onlus Association
  • Until 15th December 2015 you can try to win a "Crystalline"!
    Get more info here
  • Thanks for your appreciation.