• Just recently I've committed myself to get back making 3d projects. Around 5 years ago I had to leave it just when I was in the middle of learning Maya, and Zbrush. I loved to make 3d Stuff but I needed a full time job, and I just wasn't good enough to get a decent one. Part of my resolution for this comeback was to learn  new software  and new tools, including Zbrush and Keyshot. So, I decided to make a full complex project involving all the steps from sculpting, texturing, and rendering with custom shaders to get the highest quality possible. 
    I must say I'm very proud of myself, I've learned a lot and although I thought it would take around 4 weeks (due to some bad experiences in the past with zbrush), it took me slightly less than 3 Weeks. I know I have a VERY LONG way to go, my geometry is a mess probably, my technique is not the most adequate and I have absolutely no Idea of so many things. I realized that if I just waited for the perfect time to learn "properly" I would never get back. So I decided to make the time and give it the best I have, that is why this project is titled "From the Heart".
  • Thank you for watching!
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