Self portrait walk-through

  • I created a self portrait in the form of a sliding tile puzzle. The goal was to create something that could be both thought provoking and interactive. 

    Here is the step-by-step process.  
  • First, I measured and bought the pieces of wood required to build the frame of the puzzle that would fit the eight canvases. 

    This required a large, thick back piece, four wooden posts thicker than the canvases so that it would create a lip over them and secure them into place rather than be flush with the canvases and cause them to be too tight to move around.

    And then the ridged posts that would frame and hold the canvases into place.

  • Next, I began prepping and priming the wood. 
  • Added a stormy color on the bottom on the piece of wood which would only be exposed when moving the canvases around. 
  • Next, I cut the canvases off of the frame they were stapled on to using an exacto knife. 
  • I used the crease created by the wood to gauge where to cut the canvas so the edge of the wood would be exposed when put back together. This was done to create more space to move the pieces around instead of the pieces getting stuck on the canvas rubbing together. 
  • Some of the wooden pieces were uneven. I went through to make sure each edge was smooth, even, and fit perfectly together with each other piece. I did this by taking a sanding block to every edge of the canvas frames. 
  • Next, I took some 5 minute epoxy and I glued the canvas back on to the top of the frame. 
  • Finished.