Magical Unicorn Typeface

  • Magical Unicorn Typeface
    The Magical Unicorn Typeface is a font based on unicorns, and consists of a full Latin character set and numerals. Made specific for people with a love or obsession for unicorns, this font will make your texts sparkle and shine like no other.
    The punctuation is based on clouds and stars, and the numerals are rainbow-inspired. Each letter has an alternate glyph, making text not repetitive. These glyphs are easily used, without the need for opentype features, through the use of capitals and lower case.
    The font consists of 4 different weights: The normal, half-toned unicorn letter, called princess. The half-toned sans (without the horn) and light versions of the princess and sans.
    Downloadable from
    As a companion to the font, the Unicorn-Pegasus Initials were created. Want some unicorns for your wall? Get the poster!