Fruit4U - Grow Green


    Fruit4U arises from a family business with over 100 years of experience in fruit production. In 2008 the company was born from the experience of this legacy which results in knowledge of the best products, the best growing areas for each variety and, above all, the recognition of the best fruit, producing it with environmental and economic sustainability.
    The brand inspiration came from the number three, as is present in this family and in nature itself. The owners have 3 children, the fruit needs 3 basic and essential things to grow - sun, water and a fertile soil. They are represented by the 3 leafs on the symbol.
    Year: 2015
    Client: Fruit4U, Lda
    Account: João Agostinho
    Art Director: João Agostinho
    Design/Typography: João Agostinho
    Typefaces: Arvo™ + Source Sans Pro™
    Website: João Agostinho