Short Stories About Relationship

  • " Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. " -  Pablo Picasso

  • I keep you with me in my heart.
    You make it easier when life gets hard.
  • We draw a map to a better place.
  • Our precious friendship forever will stay.
    You'll always be my friend, from now until forever.

  • Friends may not be seen together all the time, but in each's heart they truly stay forever.
  • We all get together to have heart-to-heart talk, because we trust each other
    Then one day, We hurt each other. Best friend become strangers.

  • Time doesn’t heal all wounds, But it does teach you how to survive.

  • If I can see the pain in your eyes, then share with me your tears.

  • Sharing your stories, maybe can inspire others to discover their purpose in life.

  • I was doing just fine trying to move on from you.
    I was trying really hard to push you out of my mind.
    Then you come along out of the blue and tell me you miss me.

  • You're too far for my hands to hold you, but too near for my heart to love you.

  • You'd open up your heart. But I can't read you.

  • When you're at a relationship crossroad. Do you fight for your relationship or let it go?

  • I hope you'll always remember all the great memories we created.

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