A Poster for Juan Carlos Darias

  • I was invited by the "Darias Design Institute" to participate in the exhibition: Transcend, Tribute to Juan Carlos Darias, hosted at the Carlos Cruz-Diez Design Museum in August, 2015.
    The cause and theme of the exhibition was to pay homage the wonderful Venezuelan artist Juan Carlos Darias who left this world on January, 18, 2015. Juan was one of the best poster designers in Venezuela. Juan Carlos Darias used the platform of the poster to help his country and the world to be a better place. I will miss him dearly.
  • “If you are not willing to get wet, then do not walk under the rain; if you do not take risks, if you do not live a fulfilling life, you will hardly be a good communicator, much less a good designer. In our profession, fieldwork is fundamental; do not settle by being a professional who only contemplates and interprets the reality that he or she sees through a screen or a window, never forget that the essence of every good design lies in action.” — Juan Carlos Darias (1961-2015)

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