Burpee Catalog Design

  • Burpee Catalog
    Catalog redesign concept for Burpee Seeds and Plants
  • Objective: to attract a new audience to Burpee Seeds and Plants.

    I redesigned the Burpee catalog to be reminiscent of a health and beauty magazine. The goal was to appeal to a new audience of trendy women, ages 24-30, living in urban areas, who are interested in health, beauty, local food, and the idea of sustainability. 

    The catalog shows the connection between the health and beauty of an individual and their diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with no harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

    The message of the catalog is:
    1. Growing your own food is a great way to live a more healthy, sustainable life.
    2. No matter where you live, Burpee can help you grow your own garden.

  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Category Spread
  • Detail Spread
  • Process
    From sketches to the studio
  • For this project I collaborated with photographer Elina Khachaturyan to capture the final photos.
    I art directed the photoshoot and styling.

  • (above) The original sketches that I brought to the initial meeting with the photographer, paired with the final photos.