Myth's Recreated Exhibition

  • Firstly, A big thanks to Art of Brother (Karabo Makenna and Cobus Engelbrecht) for allowing me to be apart of this awesome exhibition of theirs. I really had a lot of fun creating these pieces for the show. Definitely keep an eye out for all future projects by ART OF BROTHER. 

    I was asked to to take part in the Myths Recreated group show where I had to illustrate two African stories which are relevant to our modern age. I decided to combine African aesthtics with the internet aesthetic in an attempt to create some fun/interesting visuals to help tell the two following tales.

    I really enjoyed learning and diving into these stories. There's definitely some pretty cool life lessons to be learnt. Life lessons such as "don't be a dick to your friends" and "keep it 100 and listen to your superiors" 

    Please, enjoy the work below and let me know your thoughts :)

    Many, many,many thanks.
  • A long time ago there were two friends, with a bond closer than that of brothers. They were inseparable, a symbiotic existence, until one day they came upon a great opportunity. One was greedy and went for swift rewards in the form of instant gratification, and this caused a rift between them because the other friend used the opportunity to invest and reap the rewards later. When his friend crawled back he refused to share with him, so greed got the better of the hasty friend.
  • The Creator of all that was and all that is. Earth, nature and man. The Creator was pleased with man and wanted to bestow apon him a great gift. A message would be given to the creatures of Earth by the Creator himself. However he was busy and gave it to a fool. The fool misinterpreted the message and the creatures of earth would not ever benifit from this great gift. Even the Creator gets it wrong everyonce in a while, and so many evils are born to try and bring darkness where there is light.