Watercube Brand Identity

    How to transform drops and shapes in Watercube.
    Watercube is a strongly passionate fountain consultancy firm. The challenge that moves them is to combine creativity and engineering required in water control to give shape to the unpredictable. Our duty was to synthesise their core characteristics in a visual solution that can be universally applied in all different supports and study a new way to communicate, through a complete rebrand.
    The brand adapts on different supports, ease content usability and visually impress. The logo holds a formal synthesis of water and its natural dynamic characteristics, highlighting water drops' evident capability of mutation.
    We redesigned Watercube's website for it to storytell the firm's mission in a way the user feels interactively involved, especially regarding the reserved area created specifically to build a direct channel with the client and make a bond of loyalty.
    Website  www.watercube.it