Optima Digital

  • Optima Digital is one of the oldest post-production studios in the Philippines. It was founded by Tony Gloria in the year 1999. In 2013, they decided to shift from a post-production studio to a "integrated digital services" company. Optima approached Plus63 Design Co. to handle the rebrand of their design identity. The new identity system was launched in early 2014.
  • The Optima Digital Visual Identity
  • The Brand Story
    Opening eyes to see further 
    what frames our visual culture
    to find the heart encoded in our stories
  • We wanted to preserve the "eye" of the previous logo but at the same time highlight the change to digital services by using angle brackets to form the new "eye".

    Optima has always been proud of their "heartware" - the passionate people operating their advanced hardware. Complementary to the “heartware” is the “eyetech”. It’s a combination of having the eye for details and the technology to support Optima’s new vision.
  • We wanted to incorporate the aspect of coding in all of their brand identity materials.
  • Icons as wayfinders
  • Details of the "code"
  • For their ID cards, we applied different post production effects to the photographs of the employees.
  • Business Card details
  • Graphic patterns