Shooting Gallery Studios

  • Shooting Gallery Studios is a 2-studio complex located in the Central Business District of Makati City covering 3,449 sqm.

    Studio Red is 600 sqm + Studio Yellow is 500 sqm. Each studio has a 30 ft. ceiling height with centralized air-conditioning system, catwalks and vehicular access.

    Shooting Gallery is a pioneering concept here in the Philippines. We're the first shooting studio built from scratch for the purpose of producing films, shooting photographs and a venue for events. All amenities in the studio are top-notch and unparalleled locally.
  • The brand identity design of Shooting Gallery Studios.
  • We had a lot of fun here! The logo is distinct for its humor and surprise. It's a light approach to the serious business of entertainment production. 

    The playful visual identity and wayfinding system brightens up the various spaces where people work and converge. It's a welcome contrast to the imposing, solid structure of the studios. 
  • A set of cards, stationery and IDs
  • Business Card details
  • Logo on the stationery
  • Bright IDs
  • Welcome to Studio Yellow
  • Rear Entrance
  • Icons for Wayfinding
  • Directional Signs
  • Shooting Gallery Studio is located at: 3317 Zapote St., Makati City 1205, Philippines