• LIT is an intimate bar that specializes in Japanese whisky and seasonal, whisky-based specialty cocktails. While the Japanese have been producing whisky since the early 20th century, the far majority of it has been for domestic consumption. 

    However, in recent years, the world has begun to notice the quality and diversity of whisky coming out of Japan. At LIT, our customers will discover a range of whiskies that, in the past, were only available to the Japanese market. 

    LIT's mission is to celebrate Japanese whisky and bring it to light; to illuminate what was once inaccessible and not understood by people outside of Japan.
  • The logo shows LIT as a beacon guiding people in search of the best Japanese whisky experience.

    LIT is for the whisky curious. Discover a range of flavor profiles in this Manila outpost.
  • The logo is a combination of the lighthouse and the whisky bottle. Of course, we drifted towards the waves of Japanese artist Hokusai. The rising curved lines gives it a feeling of anticipation. 
  • The business cards are printed with silver ink on black paper.
  • The launch menu
    We made a small menu for LIT's soft opening