• An appointment with Arts and Crafts.

    The particular Italian know-how that mixes design and handcraft brings packaging to a new level of perfection. 
    The Re/Labld press-kit has been designed to enhance the feeling of Immortal Fashion. The simple lines, the straight edges - a masterful craft technique - and the black dress make of this box an unique piece, as glamourous as the items exchanged at the Chicago-based The essential shape, carved to perfection and covered in Ispira™ paper by Fedrigoni™, reveals itself upon opening, when a four-leafed flower blossoms and the full press-kit is revealed. Inside, a brochure, a look-book and a charity folder recount the tale of the groundbreaking experience you can live at Re/Labld.

    Essentiality, modernity and style.
    In three words, the Real Italian Design.
    All, built piece by piece with the best materials and in the quintessential elegance of our worldfamous handcraft skills.
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    «The work is absolutely excellent! We are very happy with the concept, the layout, the fonts, the headings, the graphics. Amidst all the options in the world, Trevian did a fabulous job finding you guys.»

    [ Sina Forhooar – Founder @ Re/Labld ]