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  • Murals in Palach Club
    Rijeka, Croatia, 2014.
  • Healing Dreams
    Rijeka, Croatia, 2015.

    Two opposite walls looking to each other, on the first one is a parade of healing dreams giving a dreamer the power to believe in itself, the track made of stars on which they are coming fills the opposite wall completely with deep space. That second wall depicture the released dream, it's spreading unconditional love to the whole universe.
    Between two walls is the place to meet with your self and others, It can be that the people in between are a part of the crowd on the starry road that leads to our awakened dream.

  • I support your fire
    Mural in abandoned shopping centar made for Art Bazaar event, Rijeka, 2015.
  • It's worthy to dream
    Mural / Sisak, Croatia 2017
  • Seeds of future
    Mural in the urban gardens of Ila // Trondheim, Norway 2018
  • "View"
    Virovitica, Croatia, 2018
    42 meters above the ground
  • Stairs of Malik Tintilinić
    Pećine, Rijeka, Croatia, 2018
  • Only Love
    Mural at Krapina, Croatia, 2015
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