Ontroerend Goed

  • Graduation Project
    July 2015
  • In my graduation project I'm presenting a typographic monument. The pillar features a self written poem in Dutch about trust. This object is my answer to the following question. What does typography mean to me?
    Typography is a foundation on which I can trust. Together with poetry it provides me with consolation and support. The letterforms are a continuous source of inspiration. They stimulate me to create new things. Through them I choose to communicate with the world around me. Typography is the bearer of my story.
    Working with ceramics and metal was quite a challenge as they were both new to me. Over two hundred tiles were made by hand, sandblasted and mounted on a metal frame which I also made. The idea is that you'll be able to read the poem by walking around the pillar. Both typefaces are especially designed for this project.

    Size of the object (in cm)
    length 70, width 70 and height 255.

    Materials used
    Steel, clay, PVC, wood, plaster, arcrylic sheets & sand.
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    elkaar kleien vormen kneden
    banden sterken steun verlenen
    in vertrouwen geven en nemen
    kracht verenigen lasten delen
    drager voor een roerig leven
    The following photos show a small part of the design and building process.
    I've also done several type experiments in which I explore the boundaries of
    the material. 
  • → Creating the tiles and the very first experiments.
  • → Close up of the letter 'O'.
  • → Adjusting the acryllic mould to the right curve and drying the tiles.
  • → The letter 'a'.
  • → I made mutiple tools in order to help me build certain parts.
  • → Cutting the letter 'S'.
  • → Testing different types of stencil letters.
  • → Experiment on a piece of baked clay with a very strong curve. The letters 'E', 'L' and 'D'.
  • → The rough parts and the v-shaped cut collect light.
  • → The pillar from the inside. You can see the two rows going up together.
    Many thanks to all the workplace supervisors, coaches 
    and my classmates for their support and creative thinking. 
    You can follow me on Instagram for more letters.