Depthcore 'TIME'

  • Part of Depthcore's 'Time' exhibition.
  • Illustration for Depthcore's collective online exhibition 'Time'.
    This is a piece about mementos, about the objects that remind us of past moments, about our childhood, about the endless Summer days!

    Modelled on Cinema 4D with post-processing and details added on Photoshop.
    A detailed step-to-step workshop is available at Depthcore.

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  • Detail shots:
  • Production process:
  • Medieval
    Part of Depthcore's 'Time' exhibition.
  • My second submission for the exhibition.
    Modelling in Cinema 4D, post-processing and details added on Photoshop.
  • Detail shots:
  • Production Proccess:
  • Download the Medieval wallpaper here.
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