• F O O D E W   E X H I B I T I O N
    Illustrating ·  Storytelling ·  Branding

    The exhibition is about food,
    but not the delicious one that you posted on instagram. It’s about the food you eat and you have to say ew. Every country has their own cuisine, and every cuisine has some food that is out of our mind. There are reasons for people to make it and to eat it. As a food lover, I appreciate all kind food. That is why I collected the stories of people around me about the foodshock experience they have ever had. It was fun to hear. The food might be disgusting for some people but it’s food, that means I have to draw it beautifully .
    This is how Food-ew exhibition was made.

    Location: Ewha Womans University , Seoul Korea
    Design: May 2015
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