A Little Melancholy

  • A Little Melancholy|小惆悵
    As a continuation of Wenren Yueyue's(聞人悅閱) previous book A Little Alone, the new prose work A Little Melancholy portrays her personal experiences and thoughts on childhood, memories, relationships and life itself in a simple yet poignant way. The design approach is set as same as A Little Alone to create a serial tone that unifies the two books' visual language and typographic elements. Beyond that, the color scheme's ambiguous contrast was arranged to echo with the body in which delivers a hard-to-describe yet profound sensation.

    Client ━ Unitas Publishing Co.
    Language ━ Traditional Chinese
    Format ━ W14.7 X H21 cm
    D&AD ━ Albert Cheng-Syun Tang
    Year ━ 2014
    ACST Design
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